Pool Safety for Fido

Summer is on the way, and many of us are looking forward to fun summertime activities like swimming. Taking a dip in the pool is a great way to cool off on a hot afternoon! Many of our canine buddies also like swimming. If you do take Fido to the pool, you’ll want to be sure to always put your pet’s safety first. A local Southeast Denver, CO vet offers some pool safety tips for dogs in this article.

Teaching Fido To Swim

Swimming doesn’t come naturally to all dogs. If your canine friend can’t swim, take time for some doggy swimming lessons. Be gentle and patient. Never throw your dog into the pool: even if he figures out how to swim, he’ll probably be terrified of water afterwards. Instead, gently hold Fido up in the water, and support him until he gets the hang of it.

Basic Safety

First and foremost, make sure your furry pal knows where the pool exit is. That way, if Fido ever falls in when you aren’t there, he’ll be able to get out again. Don’t just show him once: take time to work with him, and make sure the information has really sunk in. It can also help to put a visual marker, like a potted tree, near the exit.

Paw Care

Just like human feet, Fido’s paw pads will be extremely delicate when he gets out of the water. This makes it very easy for dogs to get painful burns and blisters on their paws. Keep your pooch on soft grass or dirt after he’s been swimming.


When your pup gets out of the pool, give him a good rinsing to get chlorine and other chemicals out of his fur. Man’s Best Friend can also get sunburns. If your canine pal has pale or thin fur, ask your vet for advice on using sunscreen on him.

Other Hazards

We strongly recommend using a gate or fence to block Fido’s access to the pool. This is especially important if your pet is a senior, has vision problems, or can’t swim. Pool covers can also be very hazardous for dogs. Your furry friend could step onto the cover, thinking it’s a solid surface. This is very dangerous!

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